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What are the three components of a nucleotide?
a) Phosphate group, nitrogen base, deoxyribose sugar
b) Phosphate group, carbon base, deoxyribose sugar
d) Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Carbohydate

If an organism has 30% adenine, then what is the amount of guanine in the organism?
a) 20%
b) 10%
c) 40%
d) 70%

Why is a virus considered non-living?
a) Because it has DNA
b) Because it cannot reproduce without a host cell
c) Because it does not breathe
d) Because it respirates through its mitochondria

Match the correct words to the types of viruses:
a) HIV - Lysogenic , Influenza - Lytic
b) HIV - Lytic, Influenza - Lytic
c) HIV - Lysogenic, Influenza - Lysogenic
d) HIV - Lytic, Influenza - Lysogenic

What happens to the mRNA once it is produced in the nucleus?
a) Moves to the cytoplasm where it is translated
b) Moves into the nucleus where it is transcribed
c) The mRNA is translated in the nucleus
d) Moves out side of the cell through diffusion

What is the shape of DNA?
a) Twisted ladder
b) single strand
c) Double helix
d) Single helix

Viruses and cells both have
a) DNA and protein
b) ribosomes
c) chloroplasts
d) nucleus

Before using a codon table, one must:
a) Convert DNA to mRNA
b) Convert DNA to DNA
c) Convert mRNA to DNA
d) Convert mRNA to mRNA


What does a virus do inside a host cell?
a) A virus replicates itself using the machinery of the host cell
b) A virus is poisonous so it kills the cell
c) A virus suffocates the cell
d) A virus eats the cells stores of carbohydrate

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