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Miko wonders which of her friends can run the fastest. She decides that a race, starting at the maple tree and ending at the oak tree, will answer her question. Which variable(s) is she planning to control?
a) Time
b) Distance
c) Both time and distance
d) Neither time or distance

Scientists who study people should be aware that:
a) People are all the same
b) No conclusions can be made about people
c) People cary in their responses, but general conclusions can be made
d) Each person is different, so conclusions can only be about individuals

Scientists collect evidence by making _________.
a) Hypotheses
b) Inferences
c) Opinions
d) Observations

Today a clinical trial of a new medicine would most likely include:
a) Informed consent
b) Use of a placebo
c) Large sample size
d) All of the above

A school is about to buy laptops. Which of the following information about the laptops is qualitative?
a) Weight
b) Screen Size
c) Color
d) Amount of memory

Which of the following structures is part of the human respiratory system?
a) Aorta
b) Pancreas
c) Nose
d) None of the above

An important function of the digestive system is to:
a) Control muscle movement
b) Absorb nutrients
c) Absorb oxygen
d) Transport nutrients

When coronary arteries become completely clocked, the result is often:
a) Stroke
b) High blood pressure
c) Heart attack
d) Memory loss

For food to be absorbed by our body, which of the following must occur?
a) Mechanical Digestion
b) Chemical Digestion
c) Both
d) Neither

Which of the following is an involuntary risk factor for heart disease?
a) Frequency of exercise
b) Age
c) Smoking
d) A high calorie diet

The sound of the heart (lub-dub) is caused by:
a) The arteries contracting
b) The ventricles contracting
c) The valves closing
d) The arteries closing

Blood transports:
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon Dioxide
c) Nutrients
d) All of the above

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