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Review Of Parts Of The Sun And How Seasons Occur.[print questions]

Earth rotates on its tilted axis. What is the degree of the tilt of Earth's axis?
a) 23.5
b) 53.2
c) 100
d) 35.5

Huge, looping eruptions of gas, usually near sunspots, that arch out from the photosphere into the outer layers of the sun's atmosphere are called
a) prominence
b) solar flare
c) solar winds
d) coronas

If the tilt of Earth is toward the sun, there is a longer length of day; and the season would be _________.
a) winter
b) spring
c) summer
d) fall

What part of the sun sends out elecrically charged particles, called solar winds that do not reach Earth's surface because of the atmosphere and the magnetic field around Earth?
a) corona
b) prominence
c) core
d) chromosphere

If Earth is neither tilted toward nor away from the sun, the length of day and night is equal, the season is ______ and ______.
a) winter, summer
b) spring, fall
c) fall, winter
d) spring, summer

Areas of gas on the sun that are cooler than the surrounding gases and therfore do not give off as much light and appear as dark spots on the photoshpere are called
a) blotches
b) blackheads
c) sunspots
d) sun freckles

What are explosions of hot gas that shoot from the Sun's surface that release tremendous amounts of energy into space and occur when prominences connect.
a) solar wind
b) solar flare
c) solar flame
d) super prominence

if the Earth's axis is pointed toward the sun, the Northern hemisphere will experience what season?
a) winter
b) summer
c) spring
d) fall

What is the outer layer of the sun's atmosphere that looks like a white halo and can only be seen during a total eclipse?
a) crown
b) corona
c) chromosphere
d) photosphere

If the tilt of Earth is away from the sun, there is a shorter length of day, and the season is ______
a) spring
b) winter
c) fall
d) summer

What part of the sun emits light and is the most prominent (largest) layer of the suns atmosphere?
a) chromosphere
b) corona
c) photoshpere
d) core

The day whenthe tilt of Earth cuases the length of day to be the longest or the shortest is called a ___
a) equinox
b) solstice
c) corona
d) eclipse

The day when the tilt of Earth cuases the length of day and night to be equal, a/an _______ occurs
a) equinox
b) solstice
c) sunspot
d) eclipse

What forms near the poles when solar winds cause gases in the atmosphere to glow?
a) coronas
b) solar winds
c) auroras
d) sky fireworks

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