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Hammurabi was the ruler of this Mesopotamian Empire
a) Sumeria
b) The Assyrians
c) Babylon
d) The Akkadians

This group is known as the worlds first civilization
a) The Akkadians
b) The Sumerians
c) Babylon
d) The Assyrians

Sargon was the ruler of this empire
a) The Sumerians
b) The Akkadians
c) Babylon
d) The Assyrians

Every group in ancient Sumeria used the culture and language from this group...
a) The Assyrians
b) Babylon
c) The Akkadians
d) The Sumerians

This group conquered the Sumerians for a brief period of time , but then the Sumerians eventually gained control of their land back from them
a) The Akkadians
b) Babylon
c) The Assyrians
d) The Persians

The ancient ruler named Sargon was famous for everything except...
a) Creating the worlds first army
b) Creating the worlds first empire
c) Inventing Religion
d) Conquering Sumeria

Who is older? Hammurabi or Sargon?
a) Hammurabi
b) Sargon
c) Trick question: They are twins
d) Trick Question: Its unknown

The Sumerians were famous for all of the following except...
a) Using Cuneiform
b) Creating the worlds first written law code
c) Building Ziggurats
d) Worshiping many gods

What statement best describes the relationship between the groups of Mesopotamia?
a) They were very peaceful
b) They often got violent with each other

All the groups in Mesopotamia had this in common except...
a) The men all had nice beards
b) They all depended on the rivers for watering their crops
c) They lived in city-states
d) They all worshiped only 1 god

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