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Which of these is a sign of 'immaturity'?
a) being afraid
b) being brave
c) being tired
d) not being fully grown

Under which heading would you most likely find a section which explains what happens in your body when you feel fear?
a) Fears During Childhood
b) Overcoming Phobias
c) How Fear Works
d) Fears People Have

A phobia is a fear that is
a) out of proportion to the danger.
b) easy to cure.
c) about something life threatening.
d) only a little upsetting.

Feeling fear
a) is something you learn to do.
b) starts when a person is about 3 years old.
c) works like an instinct.
d) is not a helpful reaction.

What does the amygdala do?
a) Calms people down
b) Keeps track of experiences that trigger strong emotions
c) Relaxes our muscles
d) Helps people overcome fears

Which feeling best describes 'turbulence'?
a) walking carefully
b) gliding smoothly
c) sleeping soundly
d) swaying or shaking

A section with the heading ''What Causes Phobias?'' will most likely tell
a) why people have phobias.
b) how to cure phobias.
c) what people should do if they have phobias.
d) how phobias create problems.

An example of a physical response to fear would be
a) thirst.
b) rapid breathing.
c) drowsiness.
d) hunger.

'Trigger' means
a) to stop.
b) to start.
c) to change.
d) to hold.

When you 'activate' something, it
a) starts working.
b) stops working.
c) disappears.
d) falls apart.

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