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the ecosystem - the earth
a) abiotic
b) hydrophobic
c) biosphere
d) exocytosis

transporting matter into a cell through a vesicle:
a) hydorphobic
b) hydorphilic
c) endocytosis
d) extocytosis

process in which substances are charged out of the cell:
a) exocytosis
b) endocytosis
c) abiotic
d) biosphere

Scared of water:
a) hydrophilic
b) hydrophopic
c) exocytosis
d) endocytosis

chloro means
a) cell
b) self
c) break down
d) green

homo means:
a) to like
b) same
c) different
d) self

phobia means:
a) below
b) above
c) like
d) fear

ecto (exo) means:
a) external
b) internal
c) green
d) life

bi means
a) non
b) same
c) two
d) different

endo means:
a) love of
b) external
c) internal
d) fear of

macro means:
a) large
b) green
c) life
d) love

bio means:
a) study of
b) same
c) green
d) life

hetero means
a) same
b) love
c) different
d) hate

auto means:
a) automatic
b) self
c) study of
d) break down

lys means:
a) breakdown
b) green
c) not
d) life

Philia means
a) green
b) large
c) hate/ fear of
d) love/fond of

A or An means:
a) Alike or Same
b) Life or Living
c) No or Not
d) Two or double

Cyto means?
a) Cell
b) Green
c) LIfe
d) Different

a) abiotic
b) exoctyosis
c) biosphere
d) heterotroph

an organism that eats other things
a) abiotic
b) endocytosis
c) heteroptroph
d) biosphere

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