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Meriwether Lewis was Thomas Jefferson's
a) secretary
b) butler
c) cook
d) cousin

What part of the military was the Corps of Discovery
a) navy
b) army
c) Marines
d) Air Force

What mountain range did the Crops of Discovery have to get over to continue their exploration
a) Appalachian Mountains
b) Mexico Mountains
c) Louisiana Mountains
d) Rocky Mountains

Lewis and Clark spent the first winter of their expedition in:
a) Missouri
b) North Dakota
c) the Rocky Mountains
d) Oregon Country

Sacajawea and the Shoshone helped Lewis and Clark
a) cross the Rocky Mountains
b) sail up the Missouri River
c) build a fort in North Dakota
d) sail across the Pacific Ocean

The expedition lasted more than ___ years
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

People learned about the Louisiana Territory because Lewis and Clark
a) sent postcards from their trip
b) took people on tours of the land
c) wrote in journals that were published after the trip
d) none of the above

When the Louisiana Territory became part of the United States, President Jefferson wanted:
a) to know about the plants and animals there
b) to know about the Native Americans who lived there
c) to find a water route across the continent
d) all of the above

What Shoshone guide assisted Lewis and Clark on their expedition
a) Sacajawea
b) York
c) Tecumseh
d) Osceola

Which was NOT a result of the expedition
a) detailed map of the region
b) a water route to the Pacific Ocean
c) recording two hundred new species of plants
d) information about the geography and animals in the region

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