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The Byzantine Empire was the direct continuation of which Classical Empire?
a) Greece
b) Persia
c) China
d) Rome

The Byzantine Empire was the first region to embrace which religion below.
a) Islam
b) Daoism
c) Early Christianity
d) Buddhism

What event resulted from the split between the Byzantine and Western European churches?
a) Reformation
b) Religious Reformation
c) Great Schism
d) Grand Chasm

Which two sects of Christianity were firmly in place after the Great Schism?
a) Catholicism and Protestantism
b) Protestantism and Orthodox
c) Catholicism and Orthodox
d) Protestantism and Mormonism

Which group was primarily responsible for the collapse of the Byzantine Empire?
a) Western Europe
b) Islamic Empire
c) China
d) India

The Black Death/Bubonic Plague was primarily caused by which of the following?
a) fleas on dogs
b) rats eaten by people
c) fleas on rats
d) mutant zombies

What was a significant effect of the Black Death/Bubonic Plague on Europe?
a) better medical treatment and training
b) better sanitation and hygiene
c) lots of people died, so the population was lower
d) biological warfare

What was the Pope promising people in exchange for going on his Crusades?
a) land
b) money
c) power
d) salvation/heaven

What was the primary stated goal of the Crusades?
a) reconquer the Holy Land
b) spread Christianity
c) kill all the non-christians
d) get rid of the extra people in Europe

What was the relationship like between Islam and Christianity at this time?
a) they were buddies
b) they were frenemies
c) they were enemies
d) they were on again off again bff's

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