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Who was the only woman to rule China as Empress?
a) Wu Zetian/Wu Zhao
b) Taizing
c) Sui Tangsong
d) Tang Taizong

Which of the following was expanded by the Tang Dynasty?
a) Spread of bubonic plague
b) Grand Canal
c) Cannons
d) Travel to the Americas

Scholar-officials were people who
a) Overthrew the Tang Emperor
b) Monitored the harem of the emperor
c) Passed the tough civil service examinations
d) Began trade with the Mongols

The intelligent governing class in China was called the
a) Daimyo
b) Gentry
c) Geisha
d) Samurai

Which of the following was NOT a reason for the fall of the Tang Dynasty?
a) Crushing taxes
b) Loss at the Battle of Talas River
c) Rebels sacking and burning the capital
d) the invasion of the Mongols

Which of the following inventions allowed for the mass printing of books
a) Movable Print
b) Gunpowder
c) Compass
d) Cannon

Why was paper money printed in Song China?
a) The government ran out of metal to make coins
b) The Mongols stole most of the metal available
c) China lacked rich deposits of iron
d) A rebellion of merchants caused the supply to dwindle

Which of the following best explains how Chinese culture spread to Southeast Asia?
a) Mongol invasions
b) European exploration into India
c) Expanded trade routes and traveling merchants and monks awed by China's golden age
d) The Bubonic Plague

Two inventions from China which would help Europe in the age of exploration were
a) Stirrup and paper money
b) Compass and Gunpowder
c) Porcelain and Jade
d) Mechanical clock and movable type

Which of the following was used to lower the status of women beginning in Tang and Song China?
a) Neck elongating
b) Foot-binding
c) Inheritance laws
d) civil service examinations

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