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The three types of authors purpose are
a) inform, predict, entertain
b) inform, persuade, infer
c) write, tell, hear
d) inform, entertain, pursuade

When the author writes to try to get you to change your mind about something
a) inform
b) persuade
c) inform
d) predict

When a writer gets your attention through suspense, mystery, adventure and humor.
a) inform
b) persuade
c) entertain
d) predict

When the writer wants you to know facts about a certain topic
a) persuade
b) inform
c) entertain
d) predict

My sixth graders are so smart, that they would beat a dictionary in a vocabulary contest.
a) alliteration
b) onomatopoiea
c) hyperbole
d) simile

Found at the beginning of a book, tells you where certain chapters are located.
a) Index
b) Glossary
c) Chart
d) Table of contents

The dog is like a sprinkler watering the grass.
a) Metaphor
b) Alliteration
c) Simile
d) Hyperbole

When non-human things try to act like they are humans
a) Simile
b) Hyperbole
c) Personification
d) Onomatopoeia

An extreme exaggeration used in writing
a) hyperbole
b) alliteration
c) personification
d) simile

Mr. Jackson is a monkey trying to dance for a banana.
a) Simile
b) Metaphor
c) Personification
d) Alliteration

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