BIO Exam 2A 2015 Question Preview (ID: 27217)

Atoms To Molecules.[print questions]

there are about ____ amino acids found in living things
a) 4
b) 20
c) 120
d) 55

the main element in organic compounds is _____
a) carbon
b) oxygen
c) hydrogen
d) sodium

nucleic acids are made of subunits called
a) nucleotides
b) DNA
c) amino acids
d) simple sugars

proteins are made of subunits called
a) amino acids
b) monosaccharides
c) nucleotides
d) carbohydrates

complex carbohydrates are made of subunits called
a) starch
b) nucleotides
c) amino acids
d) monosaccharides

the main difference between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids is
a) the amount of energy they contain
b) saturated fatty acids are liquids
c) the number of hydrogen atoms bonded to the carbon atoms
d) the presence or absence of an acid group

a __________ cannot be broken down into other types of subsances
a) element
b) molecule
c) compound
d) metal

functions of proteins include
a) providing shape to cells
b) speeding up reactions
c) transporting materials
d) all of the rest are correct

differences between RNA and DNA include
a) Thymine in DNA, Uracil in RNA
b) RNA is single stranded
c) DNA is double stranded
d) all of the rest are correct

characteristics of DNA include
a) passing traits from one generation to the next
b) made of sugar, phosphate, and a carbon base
c) made of a single strand that winds to form a double helix
d) all of the other answers are correct

types of lipids include
a) triglycerides
b) amino acids
c) polysaccharides
d) nucleotides

which of the following are functions of nucleic acids?
a) combine to form proteins
b) contain instructions for making proteins
c) they contain sulfur
d) they are made of lipids

chemical bonds in which one atom takes an electron from another are
a) ionic
b) covalent
c) metallic
d) hydrogen

matter is anything that takes up space and has
a) chemistry
b) shape
c) energy
d) mass

a bond in which atoms share electrons is
a) covalent
b) ionic
c) metallic
d) hydrogen

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