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The label on a container of a drain cleaner says: Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Causes severe irritation to eyes, skin, mouth and clothing. Which type of hazard does the drain cleaner pose?
a) It is flammable
b) It is radioactive
c) It is toxic
d) It is not hazardous

The compound sucrose has a chemical formula of C12H22O11. How many elements are in one molecule of sucrose?
a) 3
b) 12
c) 22
d) 45

Which of the following is a compound?
a) N
b) Na
c) CO
d) Ca

Mineral oil is less dense than water. Mercury, a liquid metal, is more dense than water. If mineral oil, mercury, and water are mixed together, which liquid would float to the top?
a) Mercury
b) Mineral Oil
c) Water
d) Bath Mercury and Mineral Oil

A student pours two different solutions into a glass beaker. Which of the following would indicate that a chemical reaction took place between the two solutions
a) A change in the temperature
b) The formation of a precipitate
c) A change in color of a solution
d) All of the above

While working on an activity to investigate chemical reactions, a student mixes two clear liquids in a beaker. When the two liquids mix, the result is a clear liquid and an orange precipitate. Which best describes the reactants that students worked w
a) The initial two clear liquids
b) The resulting clear liquid
c) The orange solid precipiate
d) All of the above

Which of the following statements about dilution as an approach to handling toxic waste is TRUE?
a) Dilution removes the toxic materials in liquid wastes
b) Dilution a liquid until it clear means that the liquid is safe
c) Dilution lowers the concentration of toxic materials in waste
d) None of the above

Which one of the following tests could help you narrow down the identity of a substance?
a) Placing in water
b) Holding a magnet near
c) Observing if a solid
d) Carefully smelling

Why is ammonia used to test for copper in a solution? Choose the best answer.
a) Different people see colors differently
b) Ammonia can detect smaller amounts of copper than the eye
c) The odor of ammonia is easily detected by most
d) All chemical tests are superior to our senses

Which of the following is a chemical property of substances? the substances
a) Conducts electricity
b) Reacts with hydrochloric acid
c) Scratches glass
d) Is denser than water

Which of the following is a list of physical properties?
a) Density, Conductivity, Reaction with acid
b) Flexibility, Reaction with hydrochloric acid, color
c) Temperature change when a chemical is added, texture, density
d) Electrical conductivity, hardness, ability to transmit light

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