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Marbury v. Madison established the principle of -
a) checks and balances
b) separation of powers
c) judicial review
d) economic flow

In which court is the decision of the court always final?
a) Virginia Circuit Court
b) U.S. Court of Appeals
c) U.S. Supreme Court
d) Virginia General District Court

The U.S. Court of Appeals can review cases from the -
a) U.S. District Court
b) U.S. Supreme Court
c) U.S. Maritime Court
d) U.S. Circuit Court

What type of jurisdiction does the U.S. District Court have?
a) Limited original and appellate
b) Judicial review
c) Appellate
d) Original

Original jurisdiction allows courts to -
a) hear only cases involing the military
b) hear cases from lower courts
c) hear cases for the first time
d) issue summons and set bail

The ONLY federal court to have juries is the -
a) U.S. Supreme Court
b) U.S. District Court
c) U.S. Circuit Court
d) U.S. Military Court

Proposes legislation in an annual speech to Congress, appealing directly to the people, approving/veoting legisltion, and appointing officials who carry out the law are the -
a) ways Executive Branch influences policymaking
b) steps in the lawmaking process
c) steps in the amendment process
d) ways Congress checks the President

Which role is the president completing if he choose Ms. Foy to be the Secretary of State?
a) Chief of State
b) Chief Legislator
c) Chief of Party
d) Chief Executive

When the president gives the State of the Union Address, he is completing the role of -
a) chief legislator
b) chief of party
c) chief diplomat
d) commander-in-chief

When a president gives a press conference he is demonstrating the role of -
a) chief diplomat
b) chief citizen
c) chief of party
d) chief executive

When the presidnet sends the troops to war, he is demonstraing the role of -
a) chief of state
b) commander-in-chief
c) chief of party
d) chief executive

When a president gives out awards, he is completing the role of
a) chief of state
b) chief citizen
c) chief of party
d) chief legislator

The chief executive officer o the nation is the -
a) magistrate
b) plaintiff
c) chief justice
d) president

After a committee, a bill is sent back to the whole house where it is
a) ratified by the state legislatures
b) signed into law by the president
c) read and debated on the floor
d) declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court

A bill can be introduced in the House of Representatives by -
a) a lobbyist
b) the president
c) a representative
d) an individual

The lawmaking body at the national level is called the -
a) General Assembly
b) Supreme Court
c) Federal Reserve
d) Congress

Powers that are NOT specifically listed in the U.S.Constitution byt allow Congress to complete its other powers are called -
a) expressed powers
b) implied powers
c) concurrent powers
d) reserve powers

The supreme law of the land is the -
a) U.S. Constitution
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Congress
d) Supreme Court

When a state law conflicts with the U.S. Constitution -
a) the constitution must be amended
b) the sate law is followed
c) the constitution is followed
d) the state law becomes part of the constitution

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