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The primary cause of the French ad Indian War was
a) disputes over money
b) disputes over citizenship
c) disputes over land
d) disputes over Spanish territory

Who won the French and Indian War?
a) America
b) Great Britain
c) Spain
d) France

The French and Indian War had many effects, the most devastating to the colonists was
a) Proclamation Line of 1763
b) taxation without representation
c) France was removed from North America
d) Spain was no longer a threat

The Proclamation Line of 1763 prevented colonists from
a) moving south
b) moving west of the Appalachian Mountains
c) moving east of the Mississippi River
d) moving to Spanish territory

The Proclamation Line of 1763 was made to
a) punish colonists
b) prevent Spain and the colonists from trading
c) to prevent conflict with natives
d) to prevent conflict with French forts

The Sons of Liberty
a) supported the King of England
b) supported rebellion and an independent nation free of Great Britain
c) wanted peace
d) wanted to join France

The punishment for the Boston Tea Party was
a) the closing of Boston Harbor
b) Tea Act
c) forced colonists to consume massive amounts of tea
d) there was not a punishment for the Boston Tea Party

The boycotting of tea in North Carolina by a women's group was called the
a) Charlotte Tea Party
b) Mecklenburg Resolves
c) Halifax Resolves
d) Edenton Tea Party

The first battles of the American Revolution were
a) Cowpens
b) Bunker Hill
c) Lexington and Concord
d) Yorktown

Great Britain's policy towards the colonists prior to the French and Indian War was
a) salutary neglect
b) monarchy
c) taxation
d) mercantilism

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