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Mother of Mary:
a) Ann
b) Sarah
c) Rebecca
d) Elizabeth

Father of Mary:
a) Abram
b) Isaac
c) Joachim
d) Isaiah

Our second Patriarch:
a) Joachim
b) Ishmael
c) Joshua
d) Isaac

Our third Patriarch:
a) Jeremiah
b) Jacob
c) Jonah
d) Jehovah

Wife of Isaac
a) Elizabeth
b) Sarai
c) Miriam
d) Rebekah

Priest who offered bread and wine:
a) Jacob
b) Ezekiel
c) Melchizedek
d) Elijah

Prophet who foretold the Messiah would be a Suffering Servant:
a) Jonah
b) Amos
c) Isaiah
d) Hosea

Prophet of Social Justice:
a) Amos
b) Daniel
c) Ruth
d) Deborah

Wife of Jacob:
a) Maria
b) Rachel
c) Esther
d) Bathsheba

Our fourth Patriarch:
a) Caleb
b) Matthew
c) Barak
d) Joseph

Older twin brother of Jacob:
a) Elijah
b) Esau
c) Ezekiel
d) Elias

Highest rank of the following church leaders:
a) Monsignor
b) Archbishop
c) Bishop
d) Cardinal

Prayer said when Mary greeted Elizabeth:
a) Hail Mary
b) Memorare
c) Magnificat
d) Hail Holy Queen

Number of hours from Jesus' death on Good Friday (3:00 PM) to His resurrection on Easter (7:00 AM); hence, why we have this devotion:
a) 36 Hours
b) 40 Hours
c) 7 Hours
d) 12 Hours

The only Catholic president in American history:
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) Richard Nixon
c) Ronald Reagan
d) John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Nine days of prayer:
a) Benediction
b) Novena
c) Adoration
d) Rosary

Liturgical prayer consisting of a series of invocations:
a) Psalm
b) Litany
c) Creed
d) Act of Contrition

Pieces of cloth suspended from the shoulders to remind us to live a holy life:
a) Tunic
b) Alb
c) Scapular
d) Cincture

Outer garment of the priest at Mass:
a) Chasuble
b) Alb
c) Cincture
d) Stole

Who led the Hebrews into the Promised Land:
a) Moses
b) Caleb
c) Joshua
d) Deborah

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