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Not all colonists were supportive of the Albany Plan of Union. Why?
a) they were afraid they would lose control of their individual colony
b) they didn't trust Ben Franklin
c) they don't understand the meaning of join or die
d) they had little communication in the colonies

To stop using a product or service for a cause is
a) Patriots
b) export
c) boycott
d) Tyranny

The Regulators were MOST upset about
a) taxes
b) the Albany Plan of Union
c) Governor Tryon building a palace
d) government corruption

Volunteer Soliders are called
a) Assembly
b) Regulators
c) Militia
d) Immunity

The eight men that owned Carolina prior to being split were called
a) Governor
b) Loyalists
c) Treason
d) The Lords Proprietors

A document that gives permission to explore, settle, and govern new land is
a) Colony
b) Treason
c) Charter
d) Council

The NC region we live in is the
a) Mountains
b) Piedmont
c) Middle Colonies
d) Southern Colonies

The exchange of plants, animals, diseases, and people from the Old World to the New World is
a) Charter
b) Movement
c) Columbian Exchange
d) Monarchy

Trail used by settlers coming to North Carolina was called the
a) Great Wagon Road
b) Oregon Trail
c) Lewis and Clark Trail
d) Lost Trail

The ability to resist infection is called
a) disease
b) antibiotics
c) immunity
d) treason

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