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Asepsis means
a) Clean Technique
b) The process of destroying pathogens
c) An infection acquired to a health care agency
d) Being free of disease-producing microbes

A drug that kills microbes that cause infections is
a) A germacide
b) An autoclave
c) An antibiotic
d) A vaccine

The process of becoming unclean is
a) Asepsis
b) Contamination
c) Sterilization
d) Disinfection

A microbe usually does not cause an infection. The microbe is
a) A non-pathogen
b) A pathogen
c) Normal Flora
d) A spore

A person develops an infection after being admitted to a health care agency. The person has
a) A Health-care assoicated infection
b) immunity
c) Normal Flora
d) A contagious disease

Microbes that live and grow in a certain area are
a) Non-pathogens
b) Normal Flora
c) Spores
d) Pathogens

Who is responsible for preventing infections from spreading?
a) Nurses
b) Doctors
c) The nursing team
d) The health team

These statements are about microbes. Which is incorrect?
a) They grow best without oxygen
b) They need water and nourishment
c) They grow best in a warm and dark environment
d) They need a host to live and grow.

A local infection occurs in
a) The patient's neighborhood
b) A body part
c) The whole body
d) Normal flora

Signs and symptoms of infection include the following except
a) Increased pulse and respiratory rates
b) Redness and swelling of a body part
c) Fever
d) Increased energy and appetite

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