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Which hemisphere is the United States located in?
a) North
b) Both
c) Niether
d) South

How many continents are in the world?
a) 1
b) 7
c) 5
d) 4

What continent is the United States in?
a) Asia
b) South America
c) Africa
d) North America

What ocean is located to the east of the U.S.?
a) Artic Ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Indian Ocean

What gulf is located south of the United States?
a) Lake Superior
b) Gulf of Mexico
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Mississippi River

______ is an exact location of a place.
a) Absolute location
b) Relative location
c) Lines of Longitude
d) Lines of Latitude

What ocean is to the west of the United States?
a) Artic Ocean
b) Indian Ocean
c) Atlantic Ocean
d) Pacific Ocean

What country is to the North of the United States?
a) Mexico
b) Canada
c) Australia
d) Great Britian

What country is to the South of the United States?
a) Mexico
b) Canada
c) Australia
d) Great Britian

A ______ _______ is an imaginary line that divides the Earth into the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.
a) Equator
b) Line
c) Prime Meridian
d) Border

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