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Basic Rock Cycle, IR, SR, And MR. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The most abundant elements in earth's crust are
a) oxides and carbonates
b) halite and coal
c) iron and silver
d) oxygen and silicon

A rock is a(an)___________ of minerals
a) combination
b) open mine
c) availability
d) concentration

Gold and silver are native elements (and minerals) that show
a) malleability
b) malleability and luster
c) dull luster
d) luster

Shale is the parent rock of
a) marble
b) slate
c) gneiss
d) limestone

Sedimentary rocks are made of ______ and are classifed by whether or not they are _____________ or ______________.
a) sediments, detrital, chemical
c) sediments, oxides, carbonates
d) particles, metamorphic, igneous

Igneous rocks are formed by
a) only extrusively
b) magma and/or lava inside or outside of volcanoes
c) volcanoes only
d) only deep within earth (intrusive)

Metamorphic rocks are
a) made from intense heat, pressure and chemically active agents such as water
b) 1 and 2 only
c) 1 only
d) changed from something else

Coal is an example of a
a) IR
b) fossil fuel
c) SR
d) Both 2 and 3

Granite is made of which minerals?
a) mica, quartz and fledspar
b) feldspar and silica
c) hornblende, quartz, and feldspar
d) hornblende and mica

Metamorphic rock is classified based on its
a) part of the rock cycle
b) degree of metamorphism and foliation
c) source of rock
d) amount of silicates

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