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The tundra is
a) extremely cold and dry.
b) an area with lots of trees.
c) an area with many organisms.
d) a small area.

A food web
a) is many overlapping food chains.
b) is one simple food chain.
c) contains only consumers.
d) contains only producers.

Omnivores and carnivores can be considered
a) second-level consumers.
b) first-level consumers.
c) producers.
d) decomposers.

Producers are
a) organisms that use sunlight to make food.
b) organisms that break down remains.
c) organisms that eat other organisms.
d) organisms that eat plants.

Small organisms can be dispersed by the
a) wind.
b) water.
c) humans.
d) other animals.

A grassland biomes contains few trees but contains many
a) grasses.
b) organisms.
c) plants.
d) humans.

Nitrogen fixation is when bacteria do what?
a) change nitrogen gas into a usable from of energy.
b) change hydrogen gas into a usable form of energy
c) change oxygen gas into a usable form of energy
d) change carbon dioxide gas into a usable form of enregy

Examples of deciduous trees are
a) maple and oak trees.
b) pine trees.
c) bushes.
d) evergreen trees.

During photosynthesis, plants give off what gas?
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) helium
d) carbon

Bacteria create nitrogen compounds and break down compounds in what cycle?
a) Nitrogen Cycle
b) Water Cycle
c) Carbon Cycle
d) Oxygen Cycle

Decomposers are important because
a) they remove dead organisms and break down complex molecules.
b) they are need in the forest.
c) they are able to clean the environment
d) they simply needed in the environment

The climate (temperature and precipitation) determines what?
a) The different types of plants and animals level there
b) The type of mammals that live there
c) The type of trees that live there
d) The type of organisms that live there

An example of exotic species is a horse because
a) they were brought by humans from one part of the world to another.
b) they were brought across the country by humans.
c) they were brought to a better environment by humans.
d) they were brought to a better state by humans.

Freshwater ecosystems examples are
a) ponds and rivers.
b) oceans.
c) seas.
d) the Dead Sea

Biomes are areas of land
a) that have similar climates and organisms.
b) that have different climates and organisms.
c) that have the same population.
d) that have the same types of plants.

A model of the nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and water cycle is the same of what?
a) circle
b) square
c) triangualr
d) rectangular

During photosynthesis producers
a) use carbon and to create other carbon-containing molecules.
b) use oxygen and to create other carbon-containing molecules.
c) use carbon and to create other oxygen-containing molecules.
d) use hydogren and to create other carbon-containing molecules.

A great way to show a complex system would be
a) to create a compter model.
b) to create a bar graph.
c) to create a circle graph
d) to create a drawing.

A producer is an organism that
a) makes its own food.
b) finds its own food.
c) breaks down its food.
d) eats only plants.

If a bird eats a rate which eats grass, the hawk is a
a) second-level consumer.
b) first-level consumer.
c) producer.
d) consumer.

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