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The Good News about God at work in Jesus Christ:
a) Wisdom
b) Revelation
c) Gospel
d) Trinity

Wooden box which held the ten commandments
a) Manna
b) Altar
c) Temple
d) Ark of the Covenant

Teachings of Jesus which describe the way to live as His disciple:
a) Beatitudes
b) Precepts
c) Law
d) Miracles

The church's teaching which calls all members to work for fairness and peace:
a) Respect
b) Ecumenism
c) Social Justice
d) Dignity

A gift from God which enables us to accept what He has revealed:
a) Charity
b) Baptism
c) Faith
d) Hope

Day on which the Holy Oils are blessed by the bishop:
a) Ash Wednesday
b) Holy Thursday
c) Good Friday
d) Easter Sunday

Day on which Lent starts:
a) Holy Thursday
b) Ash Wednesday
c) Trinity Sunday
d) Corpus Christi

The church calendar begins in this season:
a) Easter
b) Christmas
c) Ordinary Time
d) Advent

The truth that the Son of God became a man:
a) Revelation
b) Trinity
c) Incarnation
d) Lamentation

The Hebrew name for the first 5 books of the Bible:
a) Torah
b) Pentateuch
c) Law
d) Scroll

Celebrated 40 days after Easter
a) Assumption of Mary
b) Ascension of Jesus
c) Pentecost
d) Trinity Sunday

One sent forth to preach the Good News of Jesus:
a) Disciple
b) Apostle
c) Nazarite
d) Judge

The teaching that Mary was conceived without sin:
a) Assumption
b) Immaculate Conception
c) Ascension
d) Incarnation

The theological virtues :
a) Mercy, Peace, Joy
b) Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel
c) Justice, Fortitude, Temperance,
d) Faith, Hope, Love

One of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit:
a) Mercy
b) Justice
c) Fortitude
d) Kindness

One of the Fruits of the Spirit:
a) Knowledge
b) Courage
c) Goodness
d) Understanding

Box where the Holy Oils are kept:
a) Ambry
b) Tabernacle
c) Monstrance
d) Nave

Used to display the Eucharist for Adoration:
a) Tabernacle
b) Monstrance
c) Ambry
d) Sanctuary

A Hebrew word for So Be It:
a) Abba
b) Agape
c) Yes
d) Amen

The color used for Ordinary Time:
a) White
b) Purple
c) Green
d) Red

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