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Terms Of The Catholic Faith.

The teaching authority of the church:
a) Revelation
b) Magisterium
c) Inspiration
d) Pentateuch

The Holy Spirit's guidance of the Bible writers:
a) Revelation
b) Dictation
c) Inspiration
d) Authority

First 5 books of the Bible:
a) Pentateuch
b) Revelation
c) Acts of the Apostles
d) Gospels

A solemn agreement between God and His people:
a) Tradition
b) Reconciliation
c) Law
d) Covenant

God making Himself known to us:
a) Inspiration
b) Revelation
c) Tradition
d) Trinity

The written record of God's revelation and His relationship with His people:
a) Tradition
b) Bible
c) Gospel
d) Inspiration

The revelation of the Good News of Jesus as lived out in the church:
a) Pentecost
b) Dead Sea Scrolls
c) Tradition
d) Inspiration

A type of writing used in the Bible to get a message across:
a) Code
b) Literary Form
c) Sanskrit
d) Hieroglyphic

Languages of the Old Testament scrolls:
a) Latin, Greek, Arabic
b) Old English, Hebrew, Latin
c) Italian, Spanish, French
d) Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek

Books which explain God's role in everyday life:
a) Historical
b) Wisdom
c) Pentateuch
d) Prophetic

Word which describes God as all-powerful:
a) Omniscient
b) Eternal
c) Omnipotent
d) Ever-present

The value and worth that comes from being made in God's image
a) Free will
b) Conscience
c) Grace
d) Human Dignity

Our spiritual reality that makes us human:
a) Soul
b) Breath
c) Dignity
d) Heart

One who is given authority and responsibility over God's creation:
a) Apostle
b) Steward
c) Judge
d) Disciple

A thought, word, deed, or omission against God's law:
a) Choice
b) Free Will
c) Sin
d) Temptation

The third son of Adam and Eve:
a) Cain
b) Abel
c) Noah
d) Seth

The father of Noah:
a) Lamech
b) Israel
c) Shem
d) Cain

A father of faith:
a) Minister
b) Confessor
c) Patriarch
d) Matriarch

God's holy presence in us:
a) Trinity
b) Grace
c) Sacrament
d) Blessing

An outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace:
a) Symbol
b) Blessing
c) Sacrament
d) Holy Oil

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