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Sometimes teachers think you are being mean to someone when really you and a friend were just _____.
a) bantering
b) prosperity
c) explicit
d) callous

a) explicit
b) ambiguous
c) cynical
d) credible

You may be ____ if you get punished for something you didn't do.
a) indignant
b) brash
c) whimsical
d) frivolous

You may want to ________ the amount of homework you have.
a) diminish
b) callous
c) ominous
d) melancholy

a) malicious
b) ominous
c) ambiguous
d) dictate

Someone might feel this way if they failed a test
a) somber
b) cynical
c) callous
d) frivolous

restate or reword
a) paraphrase
b) malicious
c) credible
d) justify

teasing in fun
a) bantering
b) depicting
c) elated
d) prosperity

enjoying helping others
a) benevolent
b) hindrance
c) callous
d) frivolous

having more than one meaning
a) ambiguous
b) bantering
c) indignant
d) justify

angry about being treated unfairly
a) indignant
b) insolent
c) cynical
d) condescending

good fortune
a) prosperity
b) concise
c) bantering
d) whimsical

to defend something as fair or right
a) justify
b) benevolent
c) cynical
d) diminish

sad; depressing
a) somber
b) callous
c) brash
d) elated

become or cause to become less
a) diminish
b) deduce
c) justify
d) somber

to relieve or comfort
a) console
b) indignant
c) paraphrase
d) depict

to command or rule
a) dictate
b) bantering
c) prosperity
d) paraphrase

a) credible
b) incredulous
c) brash
d) diminish

a) whimsical
b) callous
c) malicious
d) explicit

cruel and insensitive
a) callous
b) hindrance
c) cynical
d) somber

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