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El deportista
a) The (male) athlete
b) The (female) athlete
c) The coach
d) The sports

a) Fast
b) Slow
c) To lend
d) Active

El campeonato
a) The campaign
b) The camp ground
c) The sports
d) The championship

Meter un gol
a) To be tied
b) To score a goal
c) To win
d) To airball

Estar empatado
a) To score a goal
b) To be athletic
c) To be tied
d) To follow a balanced diet

Seguir una dieta balanceada
a) To score a goal
b) To be tied
c) To win the championship
d) To follow a balanced diet

La competencia
a) The campaign
b) The championship
c) The competition
d) The game

Jugar en un equipo
a) To play on a team
b) To play with sports equipment
c) To be tied
d) To play a game

a) Come on
b) Bravo
c) Oh, please
d) It's important

Ay, por favor.
a) It's important
b) Come on
c) Oh, please
d) Ugh

La Copa Mundial
a) The Panamerican Games
b) The World Series
c) The World Cup
d) The Tour de France

Los Juegos Olimpicos
a) The Olympics
b) The Panamerican Games
c) The Tour de France
d) The World Series

La Veulta a Francia
a) The bike race
b) The Tour de France
c) The World Series
d) The boat tour of France

El premio
a) Premium
b) The primer number
c) To win
d) The prize

a) to win
b) to lose
c) to gain
d) to be tied

La pista
a) The track
b) The uniform
c) The net
d) The ball

La red
a) The track
b) The net
c) The goal
d) The uniform

El uniforme
a) The track
b) The goal
c) The net
d) The uniform

Mantenerse en forma
a) To lift weights
b) To exercise
c) To stay in shape
d) To be healthy

Hacer ejercicio
a) To exercise
b) To stay in shape
c) To lift weights
d) To be athletic

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