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What was Mommers planning on making with the left over supplies
a) Pot roast
b) Turkey soup
c) Chicken noodle soup
d) Rice and beans

How did Addie, Soula and Elliot celebrate their good news?
a) They ate at Numbskull Dory's
b) They had a pie celebration
c) They went to the movies
d) They ate soup at the mini mart.

Why did Dwight call to talk to Mommers?
a) He called to tell her he was going to be late with her money
b) He called to tell her he wanted to get back together with her
c) He called to invite her to his wedding with Hannah
d) He wanted to have Addie come and stay with them for part of Christmas break

What good news turned December 1st into a good news day?
a) Addie was going to be a bridesmaid at Dwight's wedding
b) Mommers and Pete became engaged
c) Mrs. Rivera told Addie that she got a solo part in the school concert
d) The Little's were coming back to Addie and Mommers that day

Where did Mommers spend Thanksgiving?
a) At the trailer
b) With Pete
c) At a homeless shelter
d) With Addie, Dwight, Hannah and the girls

What did Addie overhear Dwight and Hannah talking about in their room?
a) Dwight and Hannah were making their wedding plans
b) She overheard Hannah tell Dwight she was pregnant
c) She overheard Dwight was going to break up with Hannah
d) Dwight tried to get custody of her but was denied. They would like her to live with them.

Why did Addie have to wait to return the flute?
a) There were two snow plows in the school parking lot.
b) The school was closed.
c) She didn't know where to return the flute.
d) She didn't have bus money.

What was Hannah's job?
a) She sold crafts from artists on the Internet
b) She was a hotel manager
c) She was unemployed
d) She was a restaurant manager

Why was Addie so embarrassed when Dwight came to the door?
a) She was crying and he didn't want him to see her
b) He saw her in the dress that she was so embarrassed to wear
c) The trailer was dirty and she didn't want him to come in
d) She was practicing her flute and thought he heard her

What happened when Mommers arrived at the restaurant to meet Addie?
a) She didn't have her credit card and no way to pay
b) She got mad at Addie for not having on the dress, and it was awkward when she met Hannah
c) She wasn't dressed for the restaurant
d) She brought Pete with her to meet Addie

What caused Addie to not want to play at the musical?
a) She didn't practice hard enough
b) She lost her flute
c) She was afraid she would forget her music
d) She didn't want to wear the dress Mommers bought her.

Why was December 1st a bad day for Addie?
a) She burned her toast, and a trucker saw her in her robe when she took the smoking toaster outside
b) She lost her flute
c) Mommers left her again
d) She burned the trailer down

Why did Addie return to her old school on Saturday?
a) The concert was at her old school
b) There was a basketball game she wanted to watch
c) She wanted to meet with some old friends
d) She returned to the school and left the flute by the front door

Why was Addie mad when she returned from the Lake on the bus?
a) Her mom did not come to meet her when she got off the bus
b) The bus dropped her off in the wrong location and she got lost
c) She forgot something at Dwight and Hannah's place
d) The trip too longer than expected and she was on the bus for 3 hours

When Addie was at the school concert, why didn't she want to play her solo part?
a) She forgot her music sheet
b) She saw her old music teacher, and she had not returned the flute to her last year
c) She saw Robert in the front row and thought he would make fun of her
d) Mommers wasn't at the concert and she was too upset to play her solo

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