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An example(s) of how the British tried to stimulate colonial economies is
a) British tried to raise money in the colonies
b) had colonists fight in other wars in Europe.
c) the British sent over lumber to help the industry.
d) the Stamp Act and the Sugar Act.

The Revolutionary War started with
a) Battle of Saratoga
b) Battle of Bunker Hill
c) Battles of Lexington and Concord
d) Battle of Trenton

John Adams estimated that colonists were divided in their attitudes toward the Revolutionary War
a) two thirds Patriots and one third Loyalists
b) two thirds Loyalists and one third Patriots
c) on third Patriots, one third Loyalists, and one third neutral
d) one half Patriots and one half Loyalists.

The French and Indian War resulted in
a) France gained control of Florida
b) Britain lost control of lands west of the Mississippi River.
c) France turned control of Canada over to Britain.
d) Native Americans gained control of the Great Lakes region.

This was a cause of the French Indian War
a) The Seven Years\\\' War in Europe.
b) a massacre of Native Americans by the French
c) the capture of Quebec.
d) France and Britain's competing claims over land.

A result of the Townsend Acts was
a) the colonists help the First continental Congress.
b) organized the Boston Tea Party.
c) declared war on Britain.
d) Boycotted British goods

Because of the Battle of Saratoga
a) the colonist were demoralized.
b) forced the Americans to retreat from the area around Trenton.
c) convinced the French to ally themselves with the Americans.
d) the French massacred the Native Americans.

People formed governments Locke believed to
a) wage war against other countries
b) protect their natural rights.
c) control native populations.
d) expand political and legal power fro women.

The Battles of Trenton and Princeton were important because they
a) boosted morale of the Patriots.
b) showed the corruption of the army.
c) ended the embargo by foreign countries on American goods.
d) led the British to believe that the patriots could be quickly defeated.

A conference of colonial leaders gathered in Albany, New York, in 1754 to
a) establish one general government for all of the colonies.
b) Ben Franklin was responsible for the gathering.
c) none of the choices
d) all of the choices

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