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The __________ invented kites in __________ .
a) Chinese, 1000 B.C.
b) Montgolfier Brothers, 1000 B.C.
c) Chinese, 1783
d) Wright Brothers, 1000 B.C.

______________ made important drawings of flight vehicles in ________ .
a) Leonardo Da Vinci, the 1400s
b) Leonardo Da Vinci, 1000 B.C.
c) Otto Lilenthal, the 1400s
d) The Wright Brothers, 1903

_________ created balloons in 1783.
a) The Montgolfier Brothers
b) The Wright Brothers
c) Otto Lilenthal
d) Amelia Earhart

Who created the glider and in what year?
a) Otto Lilenthal in 1891
b) the Wright Brothers in 1903
c) Charles Lindbergh in 1927
d) The Montgolfier Brothers in 1783

In what year did the Wright Brothers invent the airplane?
a) 1891
b) 1783
c) 1903
d) 1927

Which of the following is not true?
a) Charles Lindbergh made the first flight across the Atlantic in 1817.
b) Amelia Earhart disappeared in 1937 while attempting to fly around the world.
c) Chuck Yeager flew at the speed of sound in 1947.
d) Otto Lilenthal invented the glider in 1783.

This is the vertical stabilizer that controls yawing
a) Rudder
b) Aileron
c) Elevator
d) Escalator

This is part of the wing that controls rolling.
a) Aileron
b) Rudder
c) Elevator
d) Escalator

This is the horizontal stabilizer that controls pitching.
a) Elevator
b) Rudder
c) Aileron
d) Escalator

The movement of a plane - turning right or left.
a) Roll
b) Yaw
c) Pitch
d) Stop

The movement up and down of a plane
a) Yaw
b) Roll
c) Pitch
d) Throw

The _____ is the angle at which the wings are inclined upwards.
a) Dihedral
b) Rudder
c) Elevator
d) Aileron

A force created by a power source which gives an airplane forward motion
a) Thrust
b) Lift
c) Drag
d) Gravity

A natural force of air that resists an airplane's forward movement
a) Gravity
b) Thrust
c) Lift
d) Drag

As a plane's wings move through the air an upward force is created by a difference in air pressure. This is known as _______ .
a) Lift
b) Drag
c) Weight
d) Thrust

A natural force that pushes a plan toward the ground
a) weight or gravity
b) thrust
c) lift
d) drag

Moving or able to move through the air with wings
a) flying
b) flapping
c) floating
d) forgetting

push or pull in a specific direction
a) force
b) drag
c) thrust
d) weight

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