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If the shark and the train were in the ocean, _____.
a) the shark and train would have a picnic
b) the train would win
c) the fish would win
d) the shark would win

The character who tries to out-do the other is ______.
a) Train
b) Shark
c) neither Shark nor Train
d) both Shark and Train

The shark and the train can be described as ______.
a) competitors
b) day dreamers
c) family members
d) co-workers

The setting of the story is ______.
a) a big yard
b) a toy box
c) a beech
d) a forest

The one thing the shark and train can agree is _____.
a) the train is always better at things
b) once in a while neither of them are good at things
c) the shark is always better at things
d) shushi tastes better on Tuesdays

The shark rules the roost by being _____.
a) fast
b) quiet
c) helpful
d) mean

The story is actually told through _______.
a) a Native American chief
b) a fish
c) the publisher
d) two boys

If the shark and the train were on the high-dive, _____.
a) the train would win
b) the shark would start walking
c) the train would sprout fins
d) the shark would win

The saying that best explains the book is _____.
a) cold shoulder
b) warm shoulder
c) rule the roost
d) rule the rainbow

The author of Shark vs. Train is _______.
a) Barb Barnett
b) Stephen Cosgrove
c) Chris Nelson
d) Chris Barton

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