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In The Highwayman, what did the highwayman come riding up to?
a) the old inn door
b) Edinburgh Castle
c) Sherwood Forest
d) a pub

In The Highwayman, what did the highwayman wear?
a) a blue cloak, open shirt, and loose pants
b) a black jacket, black hose, and a red cape
c) a velvet coat, doe-skin breeches, and thigh-high boots

In The Highwayman, who was in the casement?
a) Maid Marian
b) Mary, Queen of Scots
c) Tim, the Ostler
d) Bess, the landlord's daughter

In The Highwayman, what did the red-coats do at the inn?
a) They stole ale and tied Bess up with a musket beneath her chest.
b) They told Bess to flee the inn.
c) They warned the landlord and Bess.

In The Highwayman, how did Bess warn the highwayman?
a) She screamed his name.
b) She shot herself with the musket.
c) She couldn't so the red-coats shot the highwayman.

In the novel, what was the nickname given to Ernest Shackleton?
a) Sir
b) Boss
c) Stink
d) Cap'n

In the novel, what was about to happen when Endurance was ready to set sail for Antarctica?
a) WWI
c) The Cold War
d) Shackleton's wife was about to have a baby

In the novel, what was the stowaway's name?
a) Shackleton
b) Mrs. Chippy
c) Blackborrow
d) McNeish

In the novel, what was the name of the island that housed Camp Wild for four months?
a) South Georgia Island
b) Deception Island
c) Elephant Island
d) Clarence Island

In the novel, what initally happened to the Endurance in the Weddell Sea?
a) was crushed and sank
b) nothing
c) was trapped in the ice
d) tilted 30 degrees to port

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