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What does the word hinder mean?
a) Stop someone from doing something.
b) To make something easier for another person.
c) To wish someone could go away.
d) To help someone with their homework.

Where would someone do research at?
a) Grocery Store
b) Food Shelf
c) Library
d) Restaurant

What word tells you that someone helps you with your homework?
a) tutor
b) teacher
c) parents
d) computer

When you go to school you learn ...?
a) math
b) writing
c) reading
d) literacy

What does the word chores mean?
a) Small jobs that you do at home.
b) Playing games outside with friends
c) Watching others do work at home.
d) Wearing the same clothes as other people around you.

What word means that you have enough of something?
a) plenty
b) dismiss
c) coincidence
d) popular

We went to the assembly. What does assembly mean?
a) When a group of people get together to run a race.
b) When a group of people get together to eat chocolate.
c) When a group of people get together to watch something.
d) When one person goes to watch a concert.

Coincidence means...
a) Can't wait for something bad to happen
b) When two things happen together that is a surprise.
c) When something happens that is good.
d) Can't wait for something good to happen.

The class murmured. What does murmured mean?
a) Talking loudly to your neighbor.
b) Watching kids who are talking with a neighbor
c) Talking quietly with a neighbor.
d) Finding someone who is talking with a neighbor.

What does imitated mean?
a) When you copy someone.
b) When you make someone cry.
c) Someone who likes to exercise.
d) When you can do things on your own.

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