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Specialized structures that carry out specific cell functions:
a) organelle
b) plasma membrane
c) transport protein
d) nucleus

One of the fundamental ideas of modern biology, includes 3 parts:
a) cell theory
b) organization
c) osmosis
d) a great idea

Contains the cells genetic material in the form of DNA
a) nucleus
b) ion
c) protein transport
d) mitochondria

Cells without a nucleus or other membrane-bound organelles
a) prokaryotic
b) cataclysmic
c) atomic
d) eukaryotic

special boundary that helps control what enters and leaves the cell
a) plasma membrane
b) nucleus
c) dynamic equilibrium
d) atom

contains a nucleus and other organelles that are bound by membranes
a) eukaryotic
b) really neat
c) atomic
d) prokaryotic

The orderly structure of cells in an organism
a) organization
b) diffusion
c) osmosis
d) cell theory

An atom or group of atoms with a positive or negative electric charge
a) ion
b) neutron
c) element
d) proton

Where two layers of phospholipids are arranged tail to tail
a) phospholipid bilayer
b) selecitvely permeable
c) transport protein
d) plasma membrane

A plasma membrane with components constantly in motion
a) fluid mosaic model
b) dacilitated diffusion
c) isotonic solution
d) hypertonic solution

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