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What is the world's longest river?
a) Amazon
b) Nile
c) Tigris
d) Indus

What is the way people manage money and resources for the production of goods and services?
a) recession
b) inflation
c) economy
d) production

Who was the Egyptian pharaoh who built the great pyramid?
a) Tut
b) Khufu
c) Ahmose
d) Menes

What new kingdom pharaoh drove the Hyksos out of teh NIle delta?
a) Ahmose
b) Tut
c) Khufu
d) Menes

What was the Aftican state that developed along teh upper reaches of the Nile in 100 BC
a) Punt
b) Kush
c) De;ta
d) Memphis

What is a group of countries under a single authority?
a) dynasty
b) nation
c) country
d) empire

What was the capital of Old Kingdom Egypt?
a) Cairo
b) Memphis
c) Giza
d) Thebes

What was the ancient Egyptian writing system in which pictures were used to represent ideas and sounds?
a) hieroglyphics
b) pictograph
c) cuniform
d) alphabet

Who was the king of upper Egypt who united teh two kingdoms of upper and lower Egypt?
a) Khufu
b) Tut
c) Ahmose
d) Menes

What was the northern region of ancient Egypt, named because it was located down river with the Nile's flow?
a) Upper Egypt
b) Middle Egypt
c) Lower Egypt
d) Central Egypt

Who was the first female pharaoh who expanded Egypt through trade?
a) Cleopatra
b) Hatshepsut
c) Twosret
d) MerNeith

What is supplying land with water through a network of canals?
a) irrigation
b) soaking
c) watering
d) sludging

What is a journey organized for a particular purpose?
a) crusade
b) campaign
c) exploration
d) expedition

What was a flat, low-lying land built up from soil carried downstream by a river and deposited at its mouth?
a) sediment
b) delta
c) alluvium
d) drift

What is the southern part of ancient Egypt?
a) Lower Egypt
b) Middle Egypt
c) Central Egypt
d) Upper Egypt

What is the ancient region of northeastern Africa on the NIle River?
a) Nubia
b) Punt
c) Kush
d) Memphis

What is the act of making or becoming a single unit?
a) alliance
b) federation
c) unification
d) merger

What is a tall reed that grows in the Nile delta, use by ancient Egyptians to make a paperlike material for writing?
a) parchment
b) tissue
c) vellum
d) papyrus

What was an ancient city in Upper Egypt that became the capital of the New Kingdom?
a) Cairo
b) Thebes
c) Giza
d) Memphis

What was a king of ancien Egypt called?
a) Pharaoh
b) Emperor
c) czar
d) monarch

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