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What does the Tenth Amendment do?
a) Takes power from the states and gives it to the federal government
b) Reserves all powers not listed in the Constitution to the states
c) Gives women the right to vote
d) Limited presidents to two terms

The power to determine the constitutionality of a government law or action is called...
a) Judicial Review
b) Executive Agreement
c) A filibuster
d) Formal Treaty

Which organization was created to regulate financial exchanges like those on the stock market?
a) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
b) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
c) Federal Housing Administration
d) Tennessee Valley Authority

What year was FDR elected?
a) 1929
b) 1932
c) 1945
d) 1970

Which organization was created to help people receive and afford a mortgage?
a) Federal Housing Administration
c) Social Security Act
d) Tennessee Valley Authority

Which amendment said that no one could serve more than two terms as President?
a) 16th
b) 19th
c) 19th
d) 22nd

If a law or government action is not allowed under the Constitution it is....
a) Illegal
b) Unconstitutional
c) Litigious
d) Judicial Determination

Why did FDR propose the court-packing scheme?
a) To force the Supreme Court to allow his New Deal laws to stand.
b) To expand the power of the legislative branch.
c) To make the Great Depression worse by encouraging litigation.
d) To expand the power of the judicial branch.

What did FDR try to do with his court-packing scheme?
a) Add favorable justices to the Supreme Court..
b) Force many members of the Congress to resign.
c) Pass legislation to strengthen the Judicial Branch.
d) Declare all actions of the military unconstitutional.

What were FDR's speeches over the radio nicknamed?
a) Great Debates
b) Fireside Chats
c) Minutes from the Bully Pulpit
d) Question Time

Which of the following organizations insures your bank deposits up to $250,000 from a bank run?
b) Tennessee Valley Authority
c) Social Security
d) Medicaid

A sample of a disease that helps a person develop an immunity to the disease is called a....
a) Tariff
b) Vaccine
c) Recall
d) Drought

Which of the following programs provides citizens with money when they get older?
a) Medicaid
b) Social Security
c) Tennessee Valley Authority

What disease did President FDR have, that usually led to muscle weakness and deterioration over time?
a) Polio
b) Tuberculosis
c) Typhus
d) Influenza

Who was elected President in 1932 on his 'New Deal' proposal?
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) Franklin Roosevelt
c) Herbert Hoover
d) Warren Harding

Policies proposed by FDR to expand the government and create jobs were called the...
a) Gilded Age
b) Great Depression
c) New Deal
d) Great Society

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