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On March 30, 1960, Father Blume broke ground for __________________
a) La Purisma
b) The Athletictron
c) The Cardboard Cathedral
d) The Immaculate Conception Chapel

In 1955, Father __________________became the twelfth president of Chaminade
a) Ralph Siefert
b) Alexander Browning
c) Louis Blume
d) Mike Francis

The Marianist Cemetery that had been situated beyond the creek was moved in 1946 to ______________________
a) Brownville
b) Maryhurst
c) Soulard
d) San Antonio

Chaminade’s 1940’s athletic teams plodded along and, like many schools, attempted to deal with the lack of ____________________due to the Accelerated Scholastic Program
a) black death plague
b) marianist
c) alcohol during prohibition
d) senior leadership

__________________ former Chaminade students gave their lives serving their country in World War I
a) 6
b) 8
c) 10
d) 12

In 1945, the back portion of the original Montezuma Farm, known as Chaminade Park, was ______________________to ease the financial strain of the province
a) sold to a developer
b) set on fire for insurance settlement
c) sold to the government for fracking searches
d) devoloped into a high ropes course complet with a zip line

Chaminade participated in the __________________________ which allowed students to graduate earlier and experience some college before being called up to serve in the armed forces
a) Accelerated Scholastic Program
b) V12
c) Pro-Graff System
d) Duracell Dynamite

On February 13, 1942, Chaminade received a letter that a former Chaminade graduate, Lieutenant Commander _________________, had been killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii
a) Joseph Kreckeler
b) William Joseph Chaminade
c) Thomas E. Crowley
d) Bob Schmeihausen

Who joined the staff of teachers in 1971?
a) Mr. Jim Gerker
b) Ms. Carol Prag
c) Dr. Guidry
d) Ms. Diana Ross

The 1970’s became known as the __________________ for Chaminade athletics
a) Lucky Losers Time
b) “Championship Decade”
c) Esto Vir Vantage Point
d) Dunk-A-Thon-Time

Which newly formed organization in 1973 had a mission of “involve every member of the faculty in the religious formation of the Chaminade students,”
a) Fargo Frenzy
b) Calling all catholics!
c) The divisional sodalities
d) Campus Ministry

The Drama Club was reorganized in 1973 after years of obscurity, and the members attempted to make drama more than a ________________organization at Chaminade
a) live and let die
b) one-play-a-year
c) pizza party
d) Hip-Hop

Which award is given to the senior who has shown the most ability in band
a) Esto Vir
b) John Philip Sousa
c) The Nation Scholars Award
d) The walking dead award

In 1967 which club was formed for those interested in exploring the wonders of nature.
a) The cardinal circle
b) The chess club
c) The divisional sodalities
d) The Grotto club

Name the building whose graoundbreaking in 1968 included a gym, pool, locker room, and commons
a) athletictron
b) megatron
c) juergens hall
d) the skip

In the 1960's the population of CCP exceeded...
a) 400 students
b) 500 students
c) 600 students
d) 700 students

Two reasons for academic success in the 1960 were
a) the chess and radio club
b) stricter acceptance requirements and the elimination of non-essential courses
c) students scored far above national averages in scholastic achievements and anti-bullying programs
d) vocations on the increase as well as the 7-11 store at Olive and I-270

On November 23, 1960, two Chaminade students, David Ohlms and Brian Ryan, had the privilege to interview whom?
a) President John F. Kennedy
b) William Joseph Chaminade
c) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
d) Fr Ralph Siefert

Mounted on the front exterior wall of the IC chapel is a carrara marble statue of ________________
a) La Pantsyface
b) La Purissima
c) El Conquistador
d) Donde Esta La Bano

The 1954 and 1955 baseball teams captured the Catholic League pennant and the 1959-1960 school year produced the first ___________ in Chaminade history
a) golf team
b) rowing team
c) chess team
d) debate team

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