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You can think of your independent variable as the _______ in the experiment, and the dependent variable as the _________.
a) cause, effect
b) cause, question
c) effect, cause
d) effect, control

For a science experiment to be fair you can only have ONE
a) dependent variable.
b) independent variable
c) control variable.
d) constant.

Having the right kind of variables in your experiment helps to make your experiment
a) unreliable.
b) invalid.
c) cool.
d) fair.

The control variable is
a) the thing you change.
b) the thing you keep the same.
c) the thing you are trying to measure.
d) the hypothesis.

Control variables are also called
a) changes.
b) measurements.
c) icons
d) constants.

The dependent variable in an experiment is
a) the thing you change.
b) the thing you are trying to measure.
c) the constant.
d) the things you keep the same.

An example of an independent variable would be
a) how tall the plants get.
b) the amount of water you gave the plants.
c) how long the plant stayed alive.
d) how much you enjoyed doing the experiment.

The independent variable in an experiment is
a) the things you keep the same.
b) the thing you change
c) the thing you measure
d) the constant

What method do scientists use to perform experiments?
a) eenie-meenie-minie-moe
b) the prokaryotic method
c) the guess and guess again
d) the scientific method

An example of a dependent variable would be
a) how many different kinds of soil you used
b) the location where you placed the plants
c) how tall the plants get
d) the amount of sunlight the plants get

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