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When a political party informs voters about a candidate’s prior experiences as a Red Cross executive, the party is –
a) Developing platforms
b) Recruiting candidates
c) Educating the electorate
d) Raising Campaign funds

The MAJOR role of third parties in American politics is that they-
a) Elect a number of presidential candidates
b) Attract a large group of minority voters
c) Introduce new ideas and issues
d) Reflect liberal and conservative views

___________ believe in less government involvement and are generally considered conservative.
a) Independents
b) Republicans
c) Democrats
d) Third Parties

A party platform is:
a) The stage the candidates stand on when sworn in
b) A written record of the laws passed by Congress
c) A written statement of a party’s goals and ideas
d) A statement explaining how to regulate trade

Equal protection for all people is granted by which amendment?
a) 1st
b) 5th
c) 14th
d) 15th

___________ believe in more government involvement and are generally liberal
a) Independents
b) Republicans
c) Democrats
d) Third Parties

The right protected in the First Amendment, which guarantees the right to contact public officials to make views known is-
a) Eminent domain
b) Civic duty
c) Assembly
d) Petition

The 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution have which of the following in common?
a) Each provides for an income tax
b) Each allows 18-year-old citizens to vote
c) Each establishes presidential succession
d) Each prohibits governments from acting in an unfair manner

Immigration and naturalization has led to a-
a) a more isolated society
b) stronger U.S. economy
c) more diverse society
d) more independent states

Which amendment expanded the right of due process of law to the states?
a) Fifth Amendment
b) Tenth Amendment
c) Fourteenth Amendment
d) Sixteenth Amendment

The President cannot declare war on Canada; this is an example of which fundamental principle of government?
a) Rule of Law
b) Consent of the Governed
c) Limited Government
d) Direct Democracy

The amendment which requires the national government to provide due process protection is the-
a) Fourteenth Amendment
b) First Amendment
c) Sixteenth Amendment
d) Fifth Amendment

To become a citizen, an immigrant does NOT need to:
a) demonstrate a basic knowledge of the English language
b) Take an oath of loyalty to the United States
c) Answer questions about US History
d) Work in the United States for a certain amount of time

Citizens who do not fulfill their civic duties-
a) Cannot vote in the next election
b) Must pay higher taxes
c) Face legal consequences
d) Lose their citizenship

The concept of “rule of law” guarantees that-
a) Men and women can obey whatever law they please
b) Laws are applied to all men and women equally.
c) Laws change frequently
d) Laws never change

Which of the following is NOT a requirement to become a citizen of the United States through naturalization?
a) Good moral character
b) must be a refugee
c) Ability to speak and write English
d) Demonstrate knowledge of American principles

Ira Appleheimer received a draft notice in the mail. Which civic duty will he be fulfilling when he acts in accordance with his letter
a) Paying taxes
b) Serving in the armed forces
c) Serving as a witness in a court case
d) Attending school in the fall

Ron Bergman has been assigned the role of the County Democratic Party chair in Yorktown. Which of the following civic responsibilities best describes his role?
a) Keeping informed regarding current issues
b) Holding elective office.
c) Serving in a voluntary, appointed position
d) Respecting rights to an equal voice in government

Which of the following is PROTECTED by the First Amendment?
a) Citizens can burn the flag of the United States
b) Citizens can get together and riot
c) Citizens may write newspaper articles that contain lies about other people
d) Citizens may write threatening letters to the government without fear of punishment.

Duties of citizens are all of the following EXCEPT:
a) volunteering in your community
b) paying taxes
c) serving in the armed forces if called
d) serving on a jury or witness in court if called

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