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The Revolutionary War started in....
a) Houston
b) Boston
c) New York City
d) Jamestown

Which colony did not meet in the first Continental Congress?
a) Massachusetts
b) North Carolina
c) New York
d) Georgia

What Act closed the Boston Harbor?
a) Intolerable Acts
b) Tea Act
c) Stamp Act
d) Townsend Act

Having to ship soldiers and supplies overseas
a) Patriot Disadvantage
b) Indian Disadvantage
c) French Disadvantage
d) British Disadvantage

Lack of ammunition
a) Patriot Disadvantage
b) British Disadvantage
c) Indian Disadvantage
d) French Disadvantage

Knowledge of the terrain (land)
a) French Knowledge
b) British Knowledge
c) Patriot Knowledge
d) Indian Knowledge

Strong Military and great wealth
a) Patriot Advantage
b) British Advantage
c) French Advantage
d) Indian Advantage

What is significant about Lexington and Concord?
a) Where the Declaration of Independence was written.
b) 2nd Battle of Revolution
c) 1st Battle of Revolution
d) George Washington was born there.

Tyranny is a....
a) a dinosaur
b) dog
c) Unfair control over people
d) taxes

Boycott means to....
a) to tax people to pay off war debt
b) to buy something because its pretty
c) not buying anything to support a cause
d) a person in the boyscouts

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