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Who is telling the story of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?
a) Ichabod Crane
b) Katrina
c) a narrator
d) a young boy

Which of the following is not a detail about Ichabod?
a) He is skinny.
b) He likes Katrina Van Tassel.
c) He does not like Brom Bones.
d) He is brave.

What happened as a result of Ichabod vanishing?
a) The Headless Horseman was never seen again.
b) The church bridge was torn down.
c) Brom married Katrina.
d) None of the above

When Ichabod dances with Katrina, it causes Brom to
a) leave the party
b) get jealous and angry
c) dance with another girl
d) all of the above

Which word best describes Brom Bones?
a) mean
b) greedy
c) shy
d) happy

According to Brom’s story, what should you do if you saw the Headless Horseman?
a) try to knock the pumpkin out of his hand
b) climb the nearest tree
c) head to the other side of the church bridge
d) ask him if he wants to race

When Brom Bones bellowed out his story, he
a) waved his arms wildly
b) spoke or shouted in a loud, deep voice
c) whispered in a mysterious voice
d) turned red as a lobster

What happened the morning after the party?
a) A young boy found a scorched pumpkin on the ground.
b) Ichabod’s horse was found.
c) Ichabod had vanished.
d) All of the above

In this story, the word mischief means
a) ghostly
b) annoying behavior
c) loud behavior
d) extremely beautiful

In this version of an old spooky tale, the setting is
a) a small town in the past
b) a jungle in South America
c) a city in the future
d) a forest in Alaska

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