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This conquistador traveled to present-day Mexico and conquered the Aztecs.
a) Cortes
b) Magellan
c) Columbus
d) Balboa

Spanish conquistadors forced Native American tribes to abandon their beliefs and convert to _____________.
a) Catholicism
b) becoming conquistadors
c) belief in multiple gods
d) African belief systems

European nations were searching for a path to Asia to acquire
a) silk, spices, riches
b) slaves, boats, weapons
c) silk, land, people
d) spices, boats, farming supplies

Spanish explorers that claimed land and conquered people for Spain were known as
a) travelers
b) Native Americans
c) kings and queens
d) conquistadors

This person is famous for finding a long and difficult land route from Europe to Asia.
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Hernando Cortes
c) Ferdinand Magellan
d) Marco Polo

Spanish conquistadors and soldiers had an advantage over Native American tribes because they had ___________.
a) crops and water
b) guns and horses
c) prior experience in the Americas
d) better maps

Portugal and Spain were both Catholic so they asked the ________ to settle their land dispute.
a) king of Spain
b) queen of Portugal
c) Prince Henry
d) Pope

Columbus sailed west from Europe and believed he had landed in _______________.
a) Asia
b) Canada
c) Cuba
d) Norway

Columbus sailed west from Europe and ACTUALLY landed in ___________.
a) Canada
b) California
c) the Bahamas
d) India

Magellan and his crew attempted to sail around the world, but ___________________________.
a) they all died while crossing the Pacific Ocean.
b) many of the crew died, including Magellan.
c) they changed their minds and abandoned the journey.
d) ended up stopping in Brazil instead.

Juan Ponce de Leon was the first Spanish conquistador to explore and settle an area he named Florida which means ___________ in Spanish.
a) flowers
b) fast boats
c) scary land
d) Holy Savior

In around 1000, a group of people known as the Vikings from _________ explored present-day Canada.
a) France
b) Italy
c) Norway
d) Minnesota

Spanish conquistadors forced Native American tribes to stop speaking their own __________ and instead speak Spanish.
a) beliefs
b) food
c) gods
d) language

Columbus believed he had sailed west from Europe and landed in the islands of the Indies. Because of that, he called the people he encountered ______________.
a) wise and intelligent
b) Indians
c) rich
d) Catholics

European nations trading with Africa received fruits, nuts, gold, and ___________.
a) land
b) slaves
c) boats
d) corn

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