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All living things do what?
a) reproduce
b) germinate
c) pollinate
d) fly

Bees transfer pollen in a process called what?
a) germination
b) pollination
c) buzzing
d) nectarization

Plants can be classified by
a) seeds or tubes
b) cones or seeds
c) flowers or cones
d) seeds or flowers

Classification is
a) putting things into groups based on common characteristics
b) reproduction of a plant
c) sprouting of seeds
d) the transfer of pollen from one plant to another

New plants are
a) different from parent plants
b) exactly the same as parent plants
c) always 3 inches tall
d) similar to parent plants

Conifers are plants that
a) have their seeds in flowers
b) have their seeds in cones
c) have their seeds in roots
d) have no seeds at all

The pistil of the plant
a) produces pollen
b) is sticky and receives pollen
c) is found underground
d) is known as the leaf

How are plants pollinated?
a) Wind
b) Animals
c) self-pollination
d) all of the above

Scientists that study plants are called
a) botanists
b) oceanographers
c) paleontologists
d) biologists

A young plant without flowers is called a
a) root
b) stamen
c) seedling
d) fruit

How are seeds dispersed?
a) Wind and water
b) Animal fur
c) People
d) All of the above

Which is correct for a flowering plant's life cycle?
a) germination, pollination, flower, fruit
b) germination, flower, pollination, fruit
c) fruit, pollination, seedling growth
d) pollination, germination, fruit

A seed does NOT need what to germinate?
a) air
b) water
c) correct temperature
d) sunlight

Which animal helps pollinate plants?
a) bee
b) snake
c) pig
d) all of the above

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