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What are the three body parts of an insect?
a) abdomen, thorax, head
b) legs, wings, antennae
c) thorax, legs, abdomen
d) egg, pupa, larva

Which of the following is a mineral?
a) flower
b) diamond
c) water
d) grass

What is an oceanographer?
a) a scientist who studies insects
b) a scientist who studies butterflies
c) a scientist who studies fish
d) a scientist who studies the ocean

What is the matter that settles on the bottom of the ocean?
a) sediment
b) sonar
c) salt
d) water

What are an insect's breathing holes?
a) thorax
b) antenna
c) abdomen
d) spiracles

What are the tiny plants and animals in the ocean?
a) plankton
b) fish
c) insects
d) sea shells

What is camouflage?
a) Acting or looking like another insect
b) the second body part of an insect
c) Blending into the surrounding area for protection
d) another name for a tide pool

What is the complete four stages of insect growth known as?
a) spiracles
b) metamorphosis
c) bug
d) thorax

What is the study of the ocean called?
a) oceanography
b) biology
c) history
d) astonomy

What is the main sense organ of an insect?
a) wings
b) antennae
c) spiracles
d) legs

Which of the following is NOT an invertebrate?
a) worm
b) grasshopper
c) frog
d) crab

A food chain always begins with what?
a) fish
b) large animals
c) plants
d) people

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