Quarterly Assessment #1 Question Preview (ID: 27131)

First, Quarterly Assessment For Unit 1 And 2.[print questions]

What are some renewable resources?
a) Paper
b) Plastic
c) pencils
d) Water energy, Wind energy, and Solar energy

What is a negative effect of building a coal burning plant near a stream?
a) Reduced water quality
b) Decreasing animal habitats
c) Deforestation
d) All of the above

Which of the following activities also contributes to global warming?
a) A. Hot water in the ocean in the summer
b) B. Using solar energy
c) C. Burning forests to clear the land
d) D. Using geothermal energy

What would help increase the electricity in a generator?
a) Removing the iron core
b) adding more wire coils
c) Use slow moving water
d) adding more magnetic poles

What is an example of a fossil fuel?
a) Paper
b) Coal
c) Sun
d) Water

In an electric generator, such as at a power plant, what produces electric current?
a) The movement of magnets around wire coils
b) The movement of wire coils in a magnetic field
c) A magnetic field being quickly turned on and off
d) Rapid coiling and uncoiling of wire around a magnet

What transformation of energy happens from moving water to a generator and to a battery?
a) Water energy to electrical energy to chemical energy
b) Light energy to electrical energy to mechanical energy.
c) Mechanical energy to electrical energy to chemical energy
d) Chemical energy to electrical energy to potential energy.,

What do solar planels, hydroelectrical plants and wind turbines all generate?
a) Heat energy
b) Chemical energy
c) Potential energy
d) Electrical energy

If we were comparing data in a graph, what type of graph should I use?
a) Bar Graph
b) Pie Graph
c) Line Graph

What energy transformations happen when you have a solar panel supplying energy to a fan and a raido
a) Electrical to mechanical and sound
b) light to electrical to mechanical and sound
c) chemical to electrical to mechanical and sound.
d) light to mechanical to sound and electrical

A house uses solar panels to generate electricity. What are the energy transformations that occur when we use this electricity to power a fan?
a) Light energy to electrical energy to mechanical energy
b) Electrical energy to mechanical energy to sound energy
c) Electrical energy to mechanical energy to light energy
d) Light energy to electrical energy to sound energy

Which of the following devices demonstrates the application of an electromagnet?
a) Wind Turbine
b) Electric Motor
c) Gasonline Motor
d) Solar Cell

What energy does a power plant use?
a) Wind
b) Sunlight
c) Fossil Fuels
d) Tidal waves

You have solar planels on your house,. You have a fan and a radio plugged in. Please tell me the energy transformations from the solar planels to the fan and radio
a) mechanical to light to sound
b) Light to electric to mechanical and sound
c) sound and mechanical to electric to light
d) Thermal to potential to sound

If your data is contradicted my data, what should you do?
a) Tell me that I am wrong.
b) Just leave it how it is.
c) Know your data is wrong.
d) Repeat the experiment to check for data.

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