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Following the battle of Kettle Creek, Austin Dabney was recognized by being given
a) a large sum of money by the governor
b) fifty acres of land
c) an honorable discharge from the military
d) command of the U.S. Soldiers fighting in the Battle

According to the Proclamation of 1763, colonists were
a) use to trade with any nation other than Great Britain
b) remain on the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains
c) only use British ships when importing and exporting goods
d) not stray beyond Georgia's southern border into Spanish Florida

Which nation did not help the colonists attempt to retake Savannah from the British during the American Revolution?
a) Spain
b) France
c) Haiti
d) Poland

Which actions taken by the colonists preceded the Intolerable Acts?
a) the capture of several British soldiers
b) the dumping of tea in the Boston Harbor
c) the raid on several ammunition storehouses
d) the meeting of the colonists at the First Continental Congress

What was the reason the colonists were not to settle past the Appalachian Mountains?
a) to secure the colonies' southern borders
b) to prevent further conflicts that England could not afford
c) to encourage colonists to live in and around important ports
d) to meet England's obligations according to the Treaty of Paris

Which war led England to begin taxing its colonists in the Americas?
a) the War of 1812
b) the First World War
c) the French and Indian War
d) the Mexican-American War

Which accurately describes the actions taken by the colonists in response to Parliament's passage for the Intolerable Acts?
a) they held the First Continental Congress
b) they declared themselves independent of England
c) they created a continental army led by George Washington
d) they formed an emergency government and elected a president

Which was a benefit Georgia received as a result of the French and Indian War?
a) Georgia entered into a new trading partnership with France
b) Georgia's southern border was extended to the St. Mary's River
c) Georgia's western border was extended to the Colorado River
d) Georgia signed a treaty with Spain securing Georgia's southern frontier

What do George Walton, Button Gwinnett, and Lyman Hall have in common?
a) they all wrote the Charter of 1732
b) they all served in the British Army
c) they all signed the Declaration of Independence
d) they all escaped Tories

Ban on town meetings, closing of Boston Harbor, requirement to house British soldiers All of these actions are known as
a) Stamp Act
b) Liberty Act
c) Intolerable Acts
d) Nullification Act

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