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As heat energy is added to H2O what happens?
a) Water molecules stop moving.
b) Water molecules movement increases
c) Water molecules movement decreases
d) Water molecules changed every minute.

What is a sign of a chemical reaction occurred?
a) formation of bubbles
b) a reduction in total mass
c) disappearance of atoms
d) an increase in the number of atoms

What happens to the properties of elements when they become a compound?
a) Elements reacted chemically to form an element with the same properties.
b) Elements reacted chemically to form a compound with the same properties.
c) Elements reacted chemically to form a compound with different properties.
d) Elements reacted chemically to form an element with different properties.

Which does not describe a chemical property?
a) Does not react with anything.
b) pH of 12
c) goes from a solid to a gas
d) Reacts with bases

How do elements form compounds?
a) Salt dissolves in water
b) Water freezes into a solid
c) Iron oxide-rust forms when iron is exposed to oxygen a long time
d) food coloring changes white frosting to red.

What should a student do to remain objective in an experiment?
a) Repeat an experiment until their results match their hypothesis
b) Use only data that matches their hypothesis.
c) Change their hypothesis to match their data
d) Analyze all results before arriving at their conclusion.

When baking soda and vinegar are mixed together in a sealed container, why doesn't the mass change?
a) Temperature increased
b) Number of molecules did not change.
c) Distance between molecules stayed the same.
d) Volume increased.

Which is an example of a chemical change?
a) crushing ice
b) mikxing sugar and water
c) burning paper
d) cutting paper

Which is a sign that a chemical reaction occurrred?
a) Heat is produced
b) The substance dissolved in water.
c) The substance has broken into smaller pieces
d) The substance's physical properties do not change.

As thermal energy is added to a substance the space between molecules,
a) expands
b) contracts
c) does not change
d) contracts then expands.

The gases hydrogen and oxygen chemically combine to form a liquid. Describe their properties.
a) A compound has identical properties to the properties that made it.
b) The compound water has only t he properties of oxygen.
c) The compound water has only the properties of hydrogen.
d) A compound has different properties than the elements that made it.

What is the relationship between molecular motion and temperature?
a) As temperature increases, motion decreases.
b) As temperature increases, motion increases.
c) As temperature decreases, motion does not change.
d) As temperature decreases, motion increases and decreases.

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