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A doctor explains that drinking two glasses of milk in the morning will give students more energy. Which of the following could be used to analyze, evaluate and critique this scientific explanation?
a) a brochure from the doctor stating the benefits of milk
b) data from experimental testing about drinking milk in the morning
c) a TV advertisement that says drinking milk in the morning gives people plenty of energy
d) statements from five people about how drinking milk in the morning gives them energy

In science, we often gather information with our senses by watching, listening, smelling, and touching. For example, you may record how the color of a flower changes. What is this process called?
a) Stating hypotheses
b) forming conclusions
c) making observations
d) performing experimets

Which of the following is an experiment in which a person can control a variable?
a) Observe the behavior of ants around an anthill
b) Tell whether it rained every Wednesday for an entire month.
c) Count the number of insects in a piece of ground measuring 1 m square
d) Determine whether plants grow better in full sunshine or partial sunlight.

Suppose that a scientist suggests that the size of an insect population depends on the temperature. What observational testing could you use to analyze, evaluate, and critique this explanation?
a) I could observe the insect population only in winter
b) I could observe the insect population in the laboratory
c) I could observe the insect population in different areas
d) I could observe the insect population throughout the year.

Scientists are not the only ones who gather information. For example, historians gather information to describe what has happened in the past. However, scientists gather information differently than others. Which way of gathering information do only
a) reading
b) observing
c) recording
d) experimenting

Kyle is wondering what he is getting for his birthday. He decides to shake the box that contains his present. Kyle did not realize it, but he was acting like a scientist. What was the first step Kyle took in this situation that a scientist also takes
a) asking a question
b) collecting evidence
c) drawing conclusion
d) developing an explanation

Scientists communicate valid conclusions in written form. Why is it important for scientists to do this?
a) to learn from each other
b) to keep their work secret
c) to compete with other scientists
d) to avoid repeating experiments

Mr. Bryant wants his class to observe and measure baby mice and record the data in their science notebooks. One student’s notebook looks like this: A data table with the headings Mass (g), Length (mm), Color, and Activity level. Ask your tea
a) a mouse will never weight more than 6 g.
b) Baby mice can vary in size, color, and activity level
c) Baby mice will never be less than 11 mm in length when they are born.
d) Brown baby mice are bigger than white baby mice.

Each measuring tool is designed to measure a specific property of an object or material. Which of these tools can be used to measure the volume of a material?
a) Measuring cup
b) spring scale
c) balance
d) thermometer

Which of the following is always an important part of an experiment?
a) making a working model
b) observing things in nature
c) making drawing of things observed
d) identifying and controlling variables

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