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Review Of The Second Snapshot Key Concepts.[print questions]

The Zimmermann Telegram, the sinking of the Lusitiania, and unrestricted submarine warfare all led to....
a) World War I beginning
b) The United States joining the Central Powers
c) President Wilson issuing his Fourteen Points speech
d) The US entering into World War I

Which word describes American interest in expanding markets and adding territories?
a) Expansionism
b) Isolationism
c) Neutrality
d) Separationism

A tax on goods sold by other countries to Americans is called a .....
a) Quota
b) Subsidy
c) Expenditure
d) Tariff

Directly after World War I, the US Senate was afraid that entry into which organization would threaten US independence?
a) The League of Nations
b) The United Nations

Which amendment allowed the federal government to tax incomes?
a) 15th
b) 16th
c) 17th
d) 19th

Which of the following describes a referendum?
a) A process where legislators pass a law and place it on the ballot for voters to decide on.
b) It allows citizens to vote and remove an elected official from office early.
c) It created the right to vote in political elections to pass state or federal laws.
d) This allows citizens to propose and pass a law without involving the state legislature.

Which represents the stance of wealthy powerful men like Sanford Dole regarding the US acquisition of Hawaii?
a) They were unsuccessful at standing against the US governments expansion attempts.
b) They supported it for economic reasons while the natives opposed it.
c) They believed that natives in Hawaii should be treated with respect and their culture valued.
d) Their goal was to establish church and religion in the new territory.

The explosion of the USS Maine was significant because it....
a) Led to the US declaring war on Spain.
b) Led the Cubans to rebel against American intervention
c) Led yellow journalists to support the Spanish government
d) Led to an embargo between the US and Cuba

Who was known for supporting expansionism in the Pacific?
a) Alfred Thayer Mahan
b) William Jennings Bryan
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Franklin Roosevelt

Who was known for supporting expansionism in the Pacific?
a) Sanford B. Dole
b) President Howard Taft
c) President Grover Cleveland
d) Theodore Roosevelt

What was the direct cause of World War I?
a) The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
b) The outbreak of communism in the Russian Revolution
c) The developing nuclear arms race between the US and Russia
d) The sinking of the Lusitania by Germany

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