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Iraq invaded Kuwait because of....
a) oil
b) terrorism
c) religion
d) gold

What country helped Kuwait when they were invaded?
a) U.S.
b) Iran
c) Saudi Arbia
d) Turkey

Who was the leader of Iraq?
a) Saddam Huessein
b) Osama Bin Laden
c) George Bush
d) Anwar Sadat

Who is Al -Queda?
a) a terrorist group from Afghanistan
b) a group that helps OPEC
c) a terrorist group from Kuwait
d) a group that invaded Kuwait

Who was responsible for 9/11 attacks?
a) Afghanistan terrorist
b) Iraq army
c) Saudi Arabia army
d) Iraq Terrorists

President in charge on U.S. during 9/11?
a) George W Bush
b) Jimmy Carter
c) Saddam Huessein
d) Barack Obama

George W. Bush invaded Iraq because
a) he believed Iraq was hiding WMDs
b) they were responsible for 9/11
c) they were stealing oil
d) they were hiding plans for the next attack

The war with Iraq where the U.S. helped Kuwait was called
a) The Persian Gulf War
b) The war on terrorism
c) The Attack on Iraqi
d) Operation Iraqi Freedom

WMDs are
a) Weapons of Mass Destruction
b) Weapons with Massive Damage
c) Weapons of Multiple Damage
d) Weapon Mega Destruction

U.S. went into Afghanistan to ....
a) stop future terrorist attacks
b) get oil for the U.S.
c) find out where Saddam Hussein is
d) find the plans for the next attack

Operation Iraqi Freedom was
a) when they U.S. went into Iraq to look for WMDs
b) U.S. invaded Afghanistan
c) the U.S defended Kuwait
d) the U.S. got oil from Kuwait after defeating the Saudis

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