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organelle that takes up a lot of space in plant cells that stores WATER and other materials
a) cell wall
b) large central vacuole
c) lysosome
d) ribosome

organelle in plant cells that contains chlorophyll and where photosynthesis takes place (PLANT CELL ENERGY PRODUCER)
a) chlorophyll
b) large central vacoule
c) chloroplast
d) lysosome

a green pigment found in chloroplasts that captures/absorbs the sunlight
a) chloroplast
b) chlorophyll
c) lysosome
d) vesicle

organelle that packages and distributes materials within or out of the cell (TRANSPORT SYSTEM/UPS or FED EX)
a) vesicle
b) cell wall
c) cytoskeleton
d) Golgi complex

a small fluid-filled sac or bubble
a) cytoskeleton
b) Golgi complex
c) vesicle
d) ribsome

stiff, rigid structure outside the cell membrane that provides plant cells with support and protection
a) cell membreane
b) cell wall
c) cytoskeleton
d) lysosome

organelle that produces and contains certain enzymes that break down worn-out or damaged cell parts, waster materials, or foreign invaders (CELL DIGESTER/CELL RECYCLER/LYSOL)
a) ribosomes
b) lysosome
c) cytoskeleton
d) mitochondrion

fluid-filled organelle that stores materials such as enzymes, nutrients, water or wastes (STORAGE SPACE; IN FRENCH, MEANS small vacuum)
a) Golgi complex
b) chloroplast
c) mitochondrion
d) vacuole

the large organelle in PLANT cells that stores water and other materials
a) mitochondrion
b) cell wall
c) chloroplast
d) large central vacuole

a system of folded membranes near the nucleus that assists in the production, processing, and transport of proteins and in the production of lipids (ASSEMBLY LINE/CONVEYOR BELT)
a) ribosomes
b) ER
c) mitochondrion
d) cytoskeleton

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