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How has people’s use of energy changed over time?
a) People have always used about the same amount of energy, regardless of how many resources have been available.
b) People have been using less and less energy because some resources have begun to run out.
c) People have been using more and more energy, even though some resources have begun to run out.
d) When large amounts of energy resources are available, people use more energy. When fewer resources are available, people

Why is electricity often considered to be the form of energy most important to people?
a) It is easy to find in nature and is very inexpensive.
b) It can be turned into other forms of energy, including heat, light, sound, and motion.
c) It can be turned into other forms of energy, including solar, wind, water, and geothermal.
d) It is like a river of moving electrons and can be made in large generators.

What is the difference between a renewable resource and a nonrenewable resource?
a) Renewable resources are inexpensive, but nonrenewable resources cost a lot to use.
b) Nonrenewable resources are inexpensive, but renewable resources cost a lot to use.
c) Renewable resources cannot be replaced after they have been used, but nonrenewable resources can.
d) Nonrenewable resources cannot be replaced after they have been used, but renewable resources can.

Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
a) geothermal heat
b) crude oil
c) natural gas
d) coal

Why do some people suggest we not rely on nonrenewable resources?
a) They make large amounts of pollution as they are used.
b) Those resources will probably run out in the future.
c) Each resource can pose safety concerns.
d) All of the above

Which would be the best place to generate hydroelectricity?
a) a calm lake
b) a city that gets a lot of rain
c) a large, fast river
d) places with volcanoes

Which list contains common biomass energy sources?
a) wind, water, rocks, and soil
b) plants, animals, and insects
c) trees, grain, grass, garbage, animal waste
d) fuel, heat, and light

Tricycle is related to three in the same way biomass is related to __________.
a) life
b) energy
c) weight
d) resource

What do solar energy and wind energy have in common?
a) They come from living things.
b) They are renewable but are only available sometimes.
c) They are always available everywhere on Earth.
d) They produce large amounts of pollution.

Which energy sources could provide energy to run an electric vacuum cleaner or power the lights in a football stadium?
a) solar, hydroelectric, and nuclear
b) geothermal, wind, and biomass
c) neither
d) both

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