Unit 1 Test Review Question Preview (ID: 27109)

Unit 1 Test Review.

Which one of these is FALSE about an UNLIMITED government?
a) The military shuts down newspapers who criticize the government
b) Citizens are well - educated
c) The population has a low literacy rate
d) The country has a command economic system

Cuba, China, and North Korea all have....
a) Democratic governments
b) Limited governments
c) Market economies
d) Command economies

Which is FALSE about a mixed economy?
a) You can mix command and traditional economies
b) You can mix command and market economies
c) You can mix traditional and market economies

Which is true about the Cold War?
a) There was no direct fighting.
b) Only nuclear weapons were used to kill people.
c) People were only killed in the winter.
d) The Iron Curtain was used to protect Cuba from the United States.

Which economic system has the government choosing peoples' jobs?
a) Market
b) Command
c) Unlimited
d) Traditional

Generally, why are Communist governments less wealthy than Democratic governments?
a) Fewer natural resources
b) People can't make their own decisions in the economy
c) Less people
d) The government doesn't spend as much on education.

What was the main cause of the Cold War?
a) Different beliefs on how a government should be run
b) Different beliefs on how a religion should be run
c) One country had more resources
d) One country had a greater population

If the citizens in a democratic government do not like their government, what can the citizens do?
a) Nothing. Citizens are not permitted to complain.
b) Move.
c) Participate in the religion the government tells you to participate in.
d) Vote to elect new leaders

What is a disadvantage to an unlimited government?
a) No one branch of the government gets too powerful
b) Citizen's rights are protected
c) Rule by one or a few people
d) Government cannot take advantage of its citizens

Which is true about a country with a low standard of living?
a) Low infant mortality rate
b) High literacy rate
c) High unemployment rate
d) High GDP per capita

What is an advantage to a limited government?
a) One person has all of the power
b) The government meets the basic needs of everyone
c) Leaders are voted on
d) Power is inherited

Which fact is true about a Communist government?
a) The government controls all forms of media
b) Citizens elect their officials
c) Citizens have the freedom of speech and press
d) People need to supply their own housing and education

The United States mostly has a ___________ economic system.
a) Command
b) Limited
c) Market
d) Traditional

What does GDP per capita show?
a) The total amount of money that a country is worth
b) The average wealth per person in a country
c) The value of natural resources in a country
d) The value of the country's exports

In which economic systsem is your job based upon the job that your ancestor's had?
a) Market
b) Command
c) Traditional
d) Mixed

Under which economic system do people have the most freedom?
a) Market
b) Command
c) Traditional
d) Mixed

Which one of the below is NOT a part of a person's culture?
a) Food
b) Clothing
c) Music
d) Government

What two pieces of information do you need to find the absolute location of a place?
a) Altitude and Elevation
b) Longitude and Landforms
c) Elevation and Resources
d) Latitude and Longitude

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